I received a BFA in advertising & graphic design from the Columbus College of Art & Design. My graphic design work has been featured on the Columbus College of Art & Design blog and I am a published musician and photographer.
I was born in Cristóbal, Panamá, but grew up in the United States. A long time ago, in the year 1904, the first Nesossis immigrated to the United States from Chiavenna – a city in northern Italy. Prior to coming through immigration, the family name was spelt Nesossi (Knee-so-see). Upon arrival, immigration quickly added the extra letter changing the family name to Nesossis (Knee-so-sis). Hector and Annie Lamey Nesossis were bakers and together they owned and operated The National Confectionery in Biloxi, Mississippi. In 1918 the bakery burned and they moved their 7 children to Texas.
Over the decades there were other family members who were creative. A great grandmother who painted in water colors, a great uncle who worked as an animator for Walt Disney, a grandmother who worked as a typesetter, and grandfather who assisted in building the Panama Canal.
"I can remember playing the role of graphic designer while flipping through my parents vinyl collection. I would try to recreate the album covers by drawing in my sketch book. Music continues to play an important role in my life."
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